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Prenatal Yoga is a combination of Hatha Yoga, Breath Work, Intentional Rest and Meditation all designed to support the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. You can expect to move, strengthen and rest as you learn about your evolving body and in preparation for birth. Avita is a mother of 2, has been teaching Prenatal Yoga for seven years and has completed her prenatal training with Carrie Parker Gastelu of Baby Moon Yoga and a Women’s Health Training with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. She also draws from personal experience, resistance training and pelvic health research and inquiry. Her goal is to ultimately make parenthood less alienating in modern society for birth parents by teaching them ways to prevent or manage pain, recover and restore after birth and find peace and community. All levels welcome.


My core class is a Hatha Yoga class with a focus on strengthening, restoring and relaxing the deep muscles of the core and pelvic floor with props and resistance bands. These classes focus on building breath and body awareness and awakening muscles around your hips, back, and front. Suitable for postnatal students. 

Yoga and strength is a yoga asana class that offers resistance training options to build muscle and joint stability. For those of us that need the support of the spirituality and mindful movement of yoga while strength training.

Feeling the hug of the resistance band s
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